Kensal Road

This Victorian terraced house had been rendered completely with sand and cement in the nineties. The render covered Bath Lime stone was badly damaged and suffered with damp issues inside the property.

The Man of Stone team was tasked with removing the suffocating render to improve the damp issues inside and to improve the appearance of the property externally.

The painstaking process of carefully removing the render without damaging the stone was taken with lots of care to preserve as much of the original fabric of the building as possible. An assessment of the stonework was completed and a decision about what could be conserved and what required restoration was made. Some of the stonework was badly damaged and required complete replacement, such as some of the mullions and bay panelling.  Other techniques were used, such as mortar repair, indents and a complete natural hydraulic lime re-point, to complete the repairs.

The appearance of the property has been greatly enhanced and now that the stonework can breath the damp issues inside have not returned.