Channel Road Clevedon

This beautiful farm house in Somerset had two chimneys in desperate need of repair, being both aesthetically unpleasant and a structural hazard.

Man of Stone completed a detailed site survey to assess the restoration required. The first chimney required partial replacement with the some original ashlar being re-fixed. The second chimney required complete replacement as the ashlar had been cement rendered causing the stone to perish underneath. Details were taken to produce new stone components, ensuring to use the original stone, from Doulting Stone Quarry, located 3 miles away.

All new components were carved at Man of Stone’s workshop and brought to site ready to fix. The existing chimneys were carefully dismantled to preserve the stones that could be re-used. The re-erected masonry was fixed using a natural hydraulic lime mortar, made up to match the Doulting stone, using a mix of selected sand and stone dust, all courses were tied together to ensure a solid structure.

The finished chimneys are now an impressive site towering above the farm.